Welcome to the Ruins of the UnderMountain

Adventures will dive in to the deeps of the UnderMountain. Do you have what it takes to survive.

This adventure will take place in the world of Golarion. The Ruins of the UnderMountain is hidden away in the Rimethirst Mountains. The city of Waterdeep. The link to the Waterdeep wiki gives some background but some details will need to be changed to fit into the pathfinder world.

A Lord of Waterdeep has sent requests across the four corners of the world looking for brave adventurers to aid them. The request states that adventurers would be well compensated.

When adventures arrive in the city they find that the notice was a fake and that Lords made not such request. The night after finding out the information was fake they find a note pinned to their chest when they awake. The note states the following
“Head to Gondalim’s in the Trades Ward. Go to the second floor and knock 3 times on the door of room 205. When asked for the password speak these words ‘Not Only Moths Fly at Midnight’” The ink will then fade from the paper after reading.

First game will start with Players trying to find Gondalim’s.

Adventures can be from anywhere and have no limitations on what races and classes that can be played. (Note. I would like to be asked before using any third party material on the site.)

Players my chose Two traits and a third if a Drawback is taken.

Players will begin at Level 1. Starting gold is 150gp or class starting gold(which ever is higher).

Carrying Capacity will have 30 pounds added to your strength level.

STR Light Medium Heavy
12 43 lbs. or less 44–86 lbs. 87–130 lbs.
12 73 lbs. or less 74-116 lbs. 117-160 lbs.

Adventure in the Ruins of the Undermountain

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